Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Busy Week

What a busy week it's been! The kids started co-op last Monday and had a blast. In fact, they've been lamenting all day that they don't have it tomorrow. "Can't we just reschedule Labor Day?!" Yep, it was that awesome for them. The oldest loved fencing the most, the youngest son loved art (which was a surprise for me!) and the youngest loved playing with new toys and making new friends. It's a blessing to have them love it that much.

Tuesday my parents left to go home to their tiny island and face the damage that the hurricane left in its wake. Not fun. They finally got power back today, so they can clear out the pool that looks like a lagoon. Unfortunately, there's another hurricane on its way, so keep them in your prayers.

They did, however, BOTH get iPhones before they left. And while they assured me that there's no way they'll become as addicted to them as I am to mine.....I can't wait to see how they are when they come up at Christmas time. By then the iPhone addiction will have a strong hold on them, I'm sure. (Deny it all you want, Mom, but just wait!)

Wednesday we celebrated a birthday (not mine) and the cake I made was truly atrocious. It was supposed to look like a Lego brick, but ended up looking like deformed boobs. What can I say? I did NOT get the cake decorating gene apparently.

Thursday we were going to go to our other co-op, but went out to find that someone had thrown a beer bottle and smashed the side window in the van. Needless to say, driving around with the kids in the van was not an option. So, we did our work at home and cleaned up the mess and didn't worry much about it. The van looked very ghetto with its trash bag and duct tape covering, if I do say so myself.

On Friday, the van was fixed by the mobile glass guys and they did a great job. Very, very nice guys. I highly recommend them if you're in the area.

Yesterday, we headed off to Highland Orchards and picked apples for the first time this fall. It was great fun and an absolutely perfect day. I think the high was 78 degrees (F) or something and it was beautifully sunny. I'll add some pictures to flickr for you to see. We ended up with something crazy like 40 pounds of apples, but have no fear, they'll be gone before they rot. It was a truly beautiful day and God's hand was in all that we did.

Church today was amazing. Just a great sermon, great fellowship and great prayers. We have such a small congregation and have known one another for so long, that it is truly like family. My Sunday school teachers now teach my children, the kids I babysat for are now grown-up and one is a college professor at Fordham University (I babysat them when I was, like, 3 years old....because you know there's no way I could be old enough to have been the babysitter for someone who is now a college professor!). I love my church. I love the messages every week that God is love, loving and lovable. I love the pews and the stained glass windows and the organ and the stone and...well, everything about it really. It feels like home. And it's good to have places like that.

I also got to go to myself. Expect snow.

A busy week, but a good week despite some crazy, unexpected things. God's grace has been abundant, unfailing and absolutely breathtaking. A good week indeed.

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Marion said...

Gaston has been downgraded to a strong tropical wave, thank you God! Looks like apple picking was fun, apple crisp for dessert, yummy! :-)