Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Secret Indulgences

It's true. I'm well into my 30s and nearing 40 with alarming speed, but my secret television indulgences....well, they're probably suited for someone who is a lot younger and a lot tougher than I. As most of you know, my workday officially begins once I toss my children in their respective beds and make a mad dash for my laptop. While I am working and emailing and following up on all sorts of things during the day, the bulk of my writing occurs at night and into the wee hours of the morning. But on Tuesday and Saturday nights you will find me firmly planted on the sofa at 8pm and tuned into Fox.

Yes, that's right, my secret television indulgences are none other than Glee and Cops. Now, two shows could not be farther from one another in genre and target audience. While Glee is all high school drama and singing, Cops is real-life take downs and suspects tripping over their own pants. Both amuse me. I know, I have issues.

Now let's focus on Glee first. I have a friend who refuses to watch the show and cannot understand why anyone would want to. Now, that right there, is some closed minded thinking. Take tonight for example. Why, John Stamos was on there. Super cute, sexy, older John Stamos. Who doesn't like that?! And, if said friend had actually watched all of Glee, the evidence of Brittany Spears slutty and skintight outfits would have probably made his day. Can I help closed minded thinking? I think not. The singing was great, as usual, and I added another iTunes song to my playlist - The Only Exception by Paramore. Since everyone seems to be on an iSomething the link goes right to the YouTube video. A great song indeed. Now, really, why do I like Glee? Well, I could pretend that it's for a variety of reasons, but the truth of the matter is that it's an escape. For an hour. Every week. It makes me laugh, is slightly disturbing and there are commercials of Josh Duhamel (see hot, sexy picture to the if he asked me to be his baby's mama....yowzerz....bring it! And gosh, let's hope he doesn't Goggle his name because mortifying would THAT be!) in it. How can I resist? And how can I not take an hour just to breathe?

Cops on the otherhand is anything but songs and cheerleaders. Although, I do admit to cheering them on when they are chasing the criminals, er, suspects over hedges and chainlink fences. I'm sorry, but if someone ran from me and I had to climb a chainlink fence to haul your sorry butt back to the car....I wouldn't be the happiest of campers. I might taze you just for making me run. And that is why I am not a cop. That and the fact that I sound like I'm a teenager....not very intimidating. I also like Cops for the escape it provides and the fact that it can be outrageously funny. Like last week, a guy decided to run, but his shorts were so baggy that they slipped down his legs and he tripped over his own pants. Now that is really, really funny. As Dan said, "Buy a belt before you decide to run from the cops." Good advice, I think.

So, while you may mock me for watching Glee or roll your eyes at the thought of Cops, for me, those two hours every week are about more than television. They're a chance to just sit and rest for an hour and indulge. And after days when I have spent more than my fair share of time saying things like, "Don't touch that!" "Put that down!" "Don't brush your hair with your brother's toothbrush!" and "Oh, my gosh that's gross! Go wash your hands!"....I need an hour...or a month. So, let me relax, give me the time to just breathe, and indulge me if I start giving you Glee and Cops play-by-plays. Because just like air, I need that.


Sue said...

I'm with you on the whole 'Glee' experience, I've got quite a few people hooked - to aid my recovery from recent surgery my wonderful niece bought me a box set of series one !!
Now THAT'S the type of 'get-we'll presents I really want!!

Gym Mama said...

See?! I'm glad you like Glee too! It makes me laugh...and cringe. =)

Sharon said...

I watch Glee, too. In between episodes I think "eh, I could be done with the show", but then always enjoy it.
John Stamos IS hot, and that was a clever episode. Plus Sue Sylvester?! Hilarious!