Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sick Kids, Great Ideas & My Father's Pocket Frogs

Not much to say today. The kidlets are still sick. The awesome babysitter showed up right on time and the conference call with work went smashingly well. I got some great help and advice on an upcoming article and have a potential new article series topic that will be great, not only for personal safety reasons, but in a kick-butt SEO sort of way. I was, and still am, much appreciative of the help and ideas.

I also laughed so hard I was crying when my dad called to tell me about his Pocket Frogs. Yeah, I know. I was thinking the same thing. It's not every day your father calls to tell you that he and your mother have been playing Pocket Frogs and, really, thank God for that. It's slightly creepy, especially when phrases like "it's addicting," "you can give them to other people," and "I can't keep my hands off of it" are used. Never fear though, it's an app for the iPhones they swore they were not going to become addicted to. It's on the same system as WeFarm, WeRule, GodFinger and the other slightly interactive games. Still, slightly creepy...and now I have it on my phone.

Really, that's about it.

Tomorrow, I promise to be much more exciting. Well, as exciting as I can be with 3 sick kids in tow.

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