Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Review.

Philadelphia Zoo 2010-0428 (0563)Image by cwalker71 via Flickr
I was supposed to go to bed at 10 tonight, but alas, I never quite made it. So, instead of turning in earlier than 11:30 (heaven forbid!), I decided to write to all of you. Aren't you thrilled?

This weekend was perfect weather for the fall. Last year our fall was rain laden and warm. This year, we have been blessed by perfect fall temperatures and sunny weekends. We ended up going to Boo at the Zoo on Saturday with some family and had a great time. The Philadelphia Zoo is the nation's first zoo, but, thankfully, has come a long way since it was first built. Little of what I remember from going there as a child is still there except a huge stone elephant statue. I have a picture of myself standing in front of it with Steven English and Dan Wilcox, two boys that were in my first grade class when we went. My mom was the chaperone. That I remember. =) I have no idea where Steven English is, but Dan Wilcox is still local and just got married.

Today I took the kids out to breakfast at the God-awful hour of 7:15am. Hubby was out, so it was just the kids and I....and my very own pot of coffee at Friendly's. I must have looked desperate. Then we went to my impulse shopping store - Target. I cannot leave that place without something I didn't go in there for. was a hoodie. For me. Yippee for me! The boys got some play pants (which is why we went) and we picked up our usual 30 gallons of milk, because we're not permitted to hitch a cow up to the garage outside. We go through more milk than any one family should. Sometimes it's 6-7 gallons a week. Between cereal, milk, cooking and baking.....forget it. We need a dairy farm next door.

I have this new blog enhancement tool that's staring at me from the right side of my screen. Blog enhancement tool.....sounds kind of kinky, I know. BUT it's supposed to provide links and picture and article suggestions for what I write. I downloaded it for work, but apparently it's also stalking this blog. Lovely.

And now, I'm off to bed. Have a fantastic Monday!

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Dru'el the Chaotic said...

enhancement tool? looks like a gorilla!

Gym Mama said...

There are so many completely inappropriate ways I could respond to that comment. But I will refrain. :D

Yes, that is a gorilla picture and not the blog enhancement tool.