Friday, October 15, 2010


There is something wonderful about a Girls' Night Out. Twice a year, although we try to make it more than that, my friend Christa and I get together. Tonight was one of those nights.

We don't do much....mostly walk the mall and make fun of expensive clothing and shoes. Tonight we saw some real lookers. If you're in the market for Gladiator style sandals or need some hoochie mama heels, may I suggest you check out the clearance racks in Macy's shoe department. There were also some lovely boots that, I have to admit, I was coveting. Since I am in the market for new black boots I was drooling a little more than usual. However, I am rather realistic and realize that while the black boots look lovely sitting on the shelf, that $240 price tag could feed my family for almost three weeks. So, the boots stayed....and I wiped the drool off of them before I walked away.

We also checked out the Disney store and found some lovely Alice in Wonderland hats that would go smashingly with the hoochie mama heels. Unfortunately, we purchased neither. Although we did consider it. Briefly.

Our next stop was to our favorite food stop of indulgence. Huge, thick slabs of chocolate cake (see the flickr link to the right) and bottles of water to make us feel slightly less guilty. Actually, I felt no guilt. The last time I had a piece of that cake was almost a year ago to the day when Christa and I went out last October. It actually looks better than it tastes, which is always a let down, but does keep me from eating the entire thing. I was hoping for cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory, but alas, the wait was about an hour. Who has time for that? Oh right, I used to...

Anyway, we talked about our kids and marriages and all of the day to day stress that overtakes us. It's nice to get all of that out there over a piece of cake with a good friend. We also have the same snarky sense of humor, which makes shopping and chatting a great deal of fun. I only wish we made time to treat ourselves to it more often.

Two nights out in a row. Who'd believe it?

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