Sunday, December 5, 2010

Traditions. Some New. Some Old.

Happy Birthday ShaftoraImage via WikipediaAs I get ready to hang up birthday signs for the third child in the last three weeks, I can't help but to think about this crazy, wonderful tradition. Growing up, whenever it was someone's birthday, my parents would make signs that said, "Happy Birthday, 'insert name here'" or something to that effect. (Yes, they actually filled in our names and didn't write insert name here.)

It's a simple thing really, but seeing those signs first thing in the morning....that was something special. They'd be all over the house and stay there for a few days afterwards too. They made us feel special and loved and, really, that's the best thing to feel no matter how old you are.

When Dan and I started dating, I did the same thing for him. He thought I was insane, but I think he was secretly thrilled. At least, that's what I'm going to believe.

Now, we hang signs all over the house for each other whenever anyone has a birthday. The kids expect it, look forward to it, and go around reading every single sign for days. It's our birthday tradition and it's a keeper.

This year we started some traditions and continued with old ones. We get Christmas ornaments from the places we go...Cape May Zoo, Ocean City, Dutch Wonderland, and Lancaster are on our tree this year as new additions. We'll also be adding a new, special one after the new year. I can't wait!

We went to Ocean City the first week of June this year....going down every year is a tradition the kids are begging that we start. I'm okay with that really. It was a great vacation. One of the best ever really.

We also grow more vegetables than we can eat and plant things that we know only our elderly neighbors eat, because it's good to have a tradition of giving to others. The kids look forward to giving our neighbors veggies from the garden almost as much as they enjoy planting them.

We have other traditions too....some were just ours when we lived in Phoenix. Like a Christmas Eve service and a spaghetti dinner every year. But sometimes traditions have to adapt like the rest of us and Christmas Eve finds us rushing here and there. This year, we're determined to take the day back for ourselves. I cannot wait.

I hope you have your traditions too. Ones that make your heart happy and give you peace. Ones that when you wake up on your birthday....or any day...remind you that you are loved. We all need those kinds of traditions.
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