Monday, December 13, 2010

Unexpected Kindness. And a Deep Breath.

Today was filled with unexpected moments of kindness. They say that the kindness of strangers can make all the difference some days. For me, it made a big difference in a lot of ways today.

I was still nursing the effects of the past few days. Life decisions will do that to you, I suppose. But I woke up to a tweet, from someone I don't know, who had read yesterday's post. I have to be honest here and say that most of the time I actually forget that the blog address is even on my Twitter profile. I don't write this so everyone under the sun will read it, but it's comforting to know that those who do find it are somewhat amused. That pleases me.

Anyway, I digress.

It started with kinds word in a tweet. Unexpected, unsolicited, but uplifting....and kind. So, @dsackr if you're reading this, accept a tip of my hat and my warmest thanks.

Then, while we were out at the mall doing school today, we happened into a conversation with a woman wearing a full burka (berka?). She was amazingly kind to the kids and answered all of their questions....including why she dressed the way she did. Her answer was kind and non-confrontational and she was doing her best to put Little Miss at ease. "Why am I dressed this way? Well, the best way that I have found to explain it is to say that it's because I have a pretty face, but I want to save it and share it only with my husband. It looks a little scary though, huh?" To which Little Miss replied, "No, I'm not scared. I can see your eyes and that's the best part." She was right too. Happy, cheerful, kind eyes were crinkling above and below the cloth covering her face. She was kindness personified. No matter what she was wearing.

And then there was an old friend who tested my well-being and made sure that I was okay after making the decision. And a new friend who did the same thing. Kindness. Friendship.

It was everywhere today.

But the best part of all was that I was finally able to take a deep breath...laugh and joke and cast doubt on the fact that I'm not really blonde. I've missed that. And I bet you have too.
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Dru'el the Chaotic said...

will never forget, Red. ;)

*squoooooosh* here's hoping for as calm a transition period for the New Year as can be.

Dale said...

Funny thing - I just happened to have a pretty great day that day to - started with a new 1 mile PR time - then fitting into a shirt that was too small when I got it - then a high compliment at work from a manager that I respect...

I'm not really into karma - but...