Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Freaky Tooth Fairy.

My youngest son lost a tooth today. You would think he'd be eager to stash the tiny treasure under his pillow in anticipation of pay day from the Tooth Fairy. However, tonight, it was quite the opposite.

Tonight, I learned that my son is afraid of the Tooth Fairy.

VERY afraid.

So afraid that he wanted to throw his tooth away rather than risk the Tooth Fairy coming. It made me think about what a Tooth Fairy really does and why it would be slightly traumatizing. While The Rock romanticized the idea (okay, maybe the romanticized part was just in my mind!) of the Tooth Fairy, in actuality, this stealthy night visitor is kind of creepy.

Think about it....would you put something under your pillow if you thought it would somehow call a stranger to sneak into your room through the window and stick their hand under your pillow while you were sleeping? When you think about it like that, the Tooth Fairy is one sick, scary story....especially to a kid who is afraid of the dark.

Well, the tooth eventually ended up under his pillow.....he is, after all, a big fan of shiny quarters. And that means that now I must sneak into his room, slide my hand carefully under his pillow and somehow exchange his bagged tooth for change. Or, I can ask Hubs to do it!

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