Friday, January 28, 2011

This Week Was Crappy, But.....

Some weeks....oy.....some weeks feel like you dodge landmine after landmine to get to the end. This was definitely one of those weeks.

So many things happened that were completely unexpected and not very pleasant. But there was a lot of beauty in things too. If I stop and let myself dwell on the troubles and struggles, then I miss the good things that came out of this week.

I ended up in the ER very early on Thursday morning. It's a long story and not particularly pleasant to relate. But in that experience there were moments that made me smile. As I was waiting to pay my co-pay (an act that took the registration ladies COMPLETELY by surprise), there was a young couple that came rushing in. Well, he came rushing in and she waddled along behind him, obviously in labor, but with that "it doesn't hurt too much yet" look on her face. The husband was so nervous, so anxious, so concerned about her that he had that wild eyed "get me a wheelchair and a doctor STAT" look down pat. She was just breathing and giggling at him. It made me smile, because I knew I was witnessing the last moments when it would just be the two of them. Soon, there would be new life. And it was a precious moment.

And then, as I was walking home, I marveled at the pristine snow, the sounds of neighbors helping each other so early in the morning, and the quiet grace of the day. And an elderly man smiled at me as I went by and wished me a good day and a safe walk home. It was a moment of grace.

I think too about snuggling with Little Miss as she napped and I fell fast asleep at nap time. So tired, so weary, yet so comforted by the tiny head resting on my shoulder and the small fingers touching my cheek as she slept. Healing at its best.

And I thank God for the kind ER doctor who eased my fears and gave me medicine to heal me.

And I thank God for the friends and family who supported me with words and love. Oh yes, I thank God for every moment this week. Good and bad.

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Sue Barnfield said...

A 20 minute lonely trudge through the snow to ER and you still manage to find reasons to be thankful - you are lovely.