Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Apparently, Spring Stirs Me Up.

Oh happy day! The sun is sort of shining, the birds are singing, the snow has disappeared except for a tiny patch under the evergreen tree, and the toddler is throwing a tantrum. Ahh....the sweet sounds of spring are like cacophony to my ears.

I was reading the local paper online today and there was a story about the school board turning down a proposal that a charter school organization had put forth for opening a charter school here in our community. While their proposal may have been shoddy and their plan not thought out, the thing that got me was the school board's assertion that there is no need for one here in our town. Are they kidding?!

Have they been to the schools where most of the parents would be pulling their students from to attend said charter school? Apparently not, or apparently they don't really care about buildings that are severely out of date and equipment that should have been replaced decades ago. The school where my children would be going if we didn't homeschool is not in a very safe area, nor is the building in good shape. For what we pay in school taxes, one would think it would be. And the scary thing is that that school isn't even the worst one in the district! No, the school board would rather spend money, millions of dollars to be more accurate, on a new football stadium. Football. Really? We're not in Texas; football is really not that important on a Friday night.

There's a desperate need for a safer, more modern, less politically run school here. While the charter school that lost its proposal last night may not have been the best option, there is no denying that a well-run, charter school would be welcome. I hope another one makes a bid and the school district looks beyond their pocketbooks and looks out for the best interest of the community's children.

Strange tangents and a political post? From me? I know....it's bizarre. Can I blame it on Spring Fever if it's only March 1st?

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