Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Disney, Checking In, and Blogging - The Trifecta of Perfectness

I got an email today from Disney's Parent Pulse group that I had signed up with some time ago. It's a way for them to get to know about the on-trend things that are happening in the parenting world...I think. Well, today, the survey asked about my blogging habits and if I used a "check-in" service.

As anyone who knows me can attest to, telling random strangers where I am right away is not my favorite thing to do. In fact, if I'm somewhere I'll actually wait until I get home to tweet about it. I have a thing about advertising my home being unoccupied and my whereabouts. Why? Because it's not safe! Hello! Nothing like telling a burglar that he can come rob my house, because I'm at the zoo with the kids.

Then the blogging question. Ah, that's tricky. As most of you know, I blog every single day. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Sometimes two or three times a day and, during certain weeks, four times a day. The tricky part is that it's not here. It's on the blog I run for work. I'm a writing fool, I tell you. And it's sometimes exhausting, but I love it.

Anyway, I digress. On this Disney survey I did a most uncharacteristic thing. I put down the url's of BOTH blogs....this one AND work. Oy! The secret of my secret blogging life is out and I have now let Disney in on the fact that I am a, gasp!, corporate blogger.

Who knows....maybe Disney needs a new corporate blogger themselves? Hello, Disney rep! I would love to blog for you! I'll blog remotely, or if need be, I would sacrifice myself and blog and tweet while at your theme parks! Consider me a living "Flat Stanley"....or nowhere near flat Gym Mama....the choice is yours. And yes, for you, I'll "check-in".

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