Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Last Post on Confessions of a Gym Mama.

So much has changed in the last year. So many welcome-backs, goodbyes, and just, well, changes. Confessions of a Gym Mama was started a long time ago, when I was at a much different point in my life and it just doesn't fit me anymore. It's like that shoe that you love that you hang onto, because once it did fit and you remember how much fun it was to wear it....but now the sole is coming off and it's just not's just not your style anymore.

And you know what? That's okay.

Change happens a lot in life and sometimes even blogs come to an end.

Oh, I'm still going to blog and you're welcome to join me, but it just doesn't feel right to keep blogging here when I don't feel anything like the person I was when I started it.

A dear friend once told me that sometimes great things change (and sometimes even end) even if you never see it coming or don't particularly want them to. Those were wise words and I think about them often. I'm a bit sad this is the end for Confessions, but it's really okay.

Please come see me at my new blog, One Great Mom (yes, I finally am blogging there, can you believe it?!). You're all welcome and I hope you'll stop in and say hello.

Thank you for being with me during the last few years. I love you all and miss you and am so thankful for our time together here. Now, let's go grab a cup of coffee and chat at my new place. Won't you join me?




Dru'el the Chaotic said...

Alas.. we'll always have Paris..

Gym Mama said...

I'd take Paris any day with you, my dear friend. =)