Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Meet Melissa - May's "Gym Mama of the Month"

The "Gym Mama of the Month" for May is a woman who I am proud to call a friend. I met Melissa while training for The 3Day two years ago. She walked it that year (as did my mom!), but I wasn't able to be there. We've kept in touch and I'm so excited that she's our first "Gym Mama of the Month"!

I remember the first time we met (after numerous emails trying to coordinate a time!) for a training walk. Through a cemetery. A cemetery that didn't seem like it was very hilly. Until I started pushing a double stroller with about 80 pounds of child weight in it. Melissa was so sweet to my boys and was observant enough to realize that I could barely breathe, let alone hold a conversation!, as we trudged up one hill after another. She must have had a million thoughts running through her mind that day! I had one - "Don't stop breathing."

Melissa has personally raised over $5,000 in the fight against breast cancer in 3 years. She walks in honor of her Aunt Lana who is fighting the disease and so that the rest of her family never has to suffer through it.

Who says one person-one amazing woman-one awesome mom, can't make a difference?

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