Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bionic Arms & Mutant Zucchini

I apparently have arms with a mind of their own. They do things, like turn off the alarm at 5:30am, without me ever knowing it. Honestly! It's happened twice this week. This morning and on Tuesday...I wake up, the alarm is off and it's already past 6am. Yes, the alarm really was set, and no, my hubby didn't shut it off. It's my bionic arms, I tell you. Bionic arms....who knew?

So, since my bionic arms decided I was not going to the gym this morning I've decided to share some pictures of our flourishing garden. About a month ago (almost exactly to the day) we dug up a 1/4 of the yard and put in a vegetable garden. The lettuce seeds never took and there's only 1 lonely, tiny little carrot plant growing. However, as you can see from the pictures below the tomato plants are gigantic, the zucchini plant is surely a mutant, the eggplants are flowering and the peppers, well, they're a little droopy, but growing nonetheless.

The garden in May...

The garden today...

We even have over a dozen small tomatoes growing and tons more flowers on the plants.

The zucchini plant really is enormous and there are about 8 zucchini currently growing with another 6 or so getting ready to start. It's fun to watch. Weeding isn't bad either, because the smell of the fresh tomato plants is to die for - YUM!

Well, my bionic arms and I are off...have a good day!

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