Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The bug

My sister-in-law was right...I have caught the exercising bug. I was lamenting that with the very real possibility of soon having to work from 4:45pm-12am I would probably have to give up going to the gym. Where would I find an hour to go during the day? She said she thought I'd figure something out, because I'm hooked. She was right. Coincidentally she also said my legs were getting slimmer and since she was right about the gym bug thing, I'm going to take her word on the thinner thing too. I love my sister-in-law. =)

I spent an hour at the gym this morning and was still home by 6:45. It was an early morning. I realized though that I like going in the morning. There is comfort in seeing the same people day after day and being able to spot the "newbies" in the morning crowd.

And some exciting news...I've lost a few more pounds! Wahoo! I've been waiting to see the scale dip down to this new number for some time, and it's actually just 4 ounces away from the number below it. That's exciting! It also makes me want to throw away the rest of the chocolate cupcakes sitting in a pan out on the kitchen counter.

Well, it's a great day for the park in the morning and a swim in the afternoon. Time to corral the kids and get going...

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