Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Need Some Coffee...

I spent an hour at the gym this morning. 5 minutes stretching, 10 minutes on abs, 25 minutes on resistance and 20 minutes on cardio. I had the treadmill inclined, so it was "fun" to really work those muscles that don't normally get challenged too much. It actually did feel good to workout that long, especially since I knew my youngest son was going to be in rare form today.

In fact, I might even sneak out to the gym later tonight just to help work off the stress of that "rare form".

There were a few new people there this morning working out. So, I am officially not the largest person there anymore. I don't think I ever was, but now I am definitely not. I hope they stick with it. It will be like watching The Biggest Loser live.

Speaking of The Biggest Loser, why don't they have something like that for those of us who want to lose 30 pounds? I may not weigh 400 pounds, but I sure would like to be on the show. Unfortunately, I'm not big enough. How messed up is that?

Ah, well. See you tomorrow.

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