Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Banner Day

OMG, guess what?! I was on the Cardio Killer for 35 minutes this morning! Wahoo! I know, it's hard to believe, but it's true.

There are two different types of Cardio Killers. The one that I had tried before has the handles that move back and forth. Really, it's a machine that should only be used by the highly coordinated. That is definitely not me. The Cardio Killer that I used today has stationary handlebars - a much better choice, I must say. It has this cute little display that lights up the parts of the body that it's targeting at the moment. I was also fond of the encouraging little scroll bar..."You've completed 30% of the workout," "You've completed 60% of the workout," "Time to cool down."

I have to say that the time went by very quickly and my back didn't hurt when I got done like it sometimes does after walking on the treadmill. The bonus was that I could still walk after the time was up. (Okay, so it was touch and go there for a moment, but you try ellipting for 35 minutes and see if you can walk straight!)

I had done abs and stretching before I hopped on the Cardio Killer, so it was a good workout day. You know you're burning calories when your forearms are sweating. Gross, but in a good, burning calories-slimming my lower body-not going to have to wear a tent for the rest of my life sort of way.

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