Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Boiling Blood

So, instead of needing to go to the gym I've found a new way to get my heart a-pumpin'. It's called, "Park too close to the intersection and get a ticket." Yes, technically, I was in the wrong. As I have apparently been for FOUR YEARS, because I always park in the same spot. I was 14 1/2' away from the "intersection" vs. 20'. Who knew? Seriously. Who knew? And did Mr. I-Have-Nothing-Better-To-Do-Than-Measure-The-Bumper-Of-A-Minivan Parking Enforcement Man actually measure it??

Now, it's not the fact that I was 5 1/2' in the wrong...it's the fact that I've been finding bags of DRUGS on the sidewalk and in our YARD, but they are apparently NOT a priority. Apparently, the town cannot be bothered by drugs, but heck, park too close to a quiet, residential intersection and you're in for a fine. Makes me want to scream. Seriously. I want to scream.

I'll pay the fine. But I'm also going to call the Parking Enforcement people and ask them to either come out and mark the curb or put a sign up. I was thinking of making my own sign up, but I'm not sure that would be a smart, Christian thing to do.

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