Thursday, September 18, 2008

Weighty Baby

Surely, carrying 20 pounds around on my hip for 90 minutes should be considered exercise. Especially when those 20 pounds are wriggling and grabbing my hair and smiling a toothy, drooling grin. That counts, right? It has to!

An hour and a half at the park is enough to drain anyone when you've a baby on your hip and your trying to keep an eye on two active boys. I'm ready for a nap. That, it seems, is quite out of the question though.

Too much to do and too big of an iced coffee to drink. (Actually, there's no such thing as TOO BIG of an iced coffee. Today there's only such thing as NOT BIG ENOUGH!) But, alas, too much to do. The consignment sale starts tomorrow and I still have 50 bags to make up and a some items to organize. Oh, and I have to go to work in an hour and a half. *sigh*

I'm pooped.

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