Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Workout While You work

Did you vote yesterday? I hope so! The 3 amigos and I dropped by our polling place mid-morning and got right in. Apparently, people in our little district aren't mid-morning voters. Of course, the district that also votes at the same polling place had a line out the door and into the parking lot. There were a lot of annoyed looking people as we breezed right by. I figured they should be happy we weren't standing in line....3 kids, 1 frazzled mom, no waiting in line...priceless.

So, I've started a workout at work in whatever exercise I can as often as I can. While riding the elevator stuffed full of wheelchairs I now do calf raises (or whatever those things are called when you stand on your toes). While waiting for the elevator I do those things where you kick your leg back to your at a time, of course. And deep walking lunges down the hall make everyone chuckle while I firm my quads. I also walk really fast, but that's out of necessity and not to workout.

It must be working, because I'm down a pound and a half this week. Better than nothing, eh?

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