Monday, December 15, 2008

Donuts, Pigs & Exercise

Two 12 hour-ish days this weekend. I figure lots of calories were burned running around, pushing wheelchairs, serving coffee and transferring people. Of course, I also had goldfish crackers, 2 cans of soda, a delicious (and please, let me stress delicious!) Boston Cream Donut with the most decadent chocolate poured on top, and peanut butter cups. I'm hoping my snack-y intake was less than my calories burned. I doubt it, but here's hoping.

I sold another piggy bank on my etsy shop. Hopper is leaving home. A sad, but happy day. First Flo and Cloudy, then Moody and now Hopper. I think I'm going to have to get painting.

The end of the Gym Mama Biggest Loser Challenge is tomorrow. No matter what the outcome I'm just excited I lost weight during it. I'll post the results on Wednesday.

Well, I'm off to play outside with the kiddos. Or stand around and drink coffee while they ride their bikes. Either way, it's exciting to get outside in just a long sleeve shirt a week before Christmas. Reminds me of our years in Phoenix.

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