Friday, April 3, 2009

Dr. McDreamy at 7:30am

I hope the surgeon this morning never finds out I write this blog, because wowzerz, he was a hottie and here I am going to write about him. I know, 7:30am is early to see a surgeon, but let me go back and explain the sequence of events leading up to my encounter with Dr. McDreamy. And yes, before I go on, I'm fine. And no, you're right, no matter how dreamy he is or was, he could never hold a candle to my very own Hubby McDreamy. =)

So, a long, long time ago...which was really only 4 weeks, I went for my semi-annual skin check at the dermatologist. An abnormal mole was found on my lower back in the exact spot where bending and clothing rubbing occur. Abnormal, but not cancerous. So, the doctor had removed the area at the time, but said it would be best to have Dr. McDreamy fully remove the area since I do have a history of basal cell carcinoma. I was fine with that even while unaware that Dr. McDreamy was really dreamy. I have no look requirements for surgeons cutting from the fat on my back. Get it out and don't tell anyone how squishy that area is, is sort of my thinking for anyone venturing there.

Well, McDreamy, being the successful and busy surgeon that he is, only has appointments on Wednesdays & Fridays at 7:30, 7:50 and 8:15. This morning at 7:30 was his first available, so I booked it.

I arrived on this wet, soggy, humid day with my massive amount of red hair all a-frizz. Curls and humidity do NOT mix. The receptionist offered my pastries and coffee, but I opted for the Bubble Gum DumDum. I'd brushed before, but forgotten a piece of gum. Didn't want to have stinky breath, ya' know.

The nurse came to get me and I swear I had to do a double take. Her lips were HUGE. Not just slightly plump, but GIGANTIC. She looked like Angelina Jolie on lip steroids. Yes, she said, she's had some lip plumper injected yesterday. Wow. I sure hope that wasn't an advertisement, because lady, you look BAD.

So, we go to the room, she looks at my back, takes a picture (yep, really) and says the doctor will be in. "You look just like his wife!" she adds as she carefully maneuvers her lips out the door.

Well, a few minutes later and Dr. McDreamy walks in. Seriously. Hot. He does a double take. "You look like my wife!" *sigh* lovely. He was funny, smart, cute and really good with liberally injecting novacaine. All traits in a surgeon that make me swoon. He also let me know that redheads metabolize anesthesia quicker, almost twice as fast, as everyone else. A happy little tidbit of information that would have served me well earlier in during childbirth perhaps.

McDreamy decides not to do the procedure involving stitches because "your activity would be severly restricted due to where they'd be" and decides, instead, to scoop out more of the area and zap it. Sounded good until the novacaine started to wear off about an hour ago. Now, happy feelings are gone.

But semi-fond feelings for McDreamy remain. Semi-fond, because, well, he caused the pain. Darn it. Pass some Tylenol.


Dru'el the Chaotic said...

"You look like my wife"

Dreamy, and good taste.

-jer , with triangle hair

Gym Mama said...

*lol* THANKS!