Monday, April 6, 2009

Vampires & Sassafrass

So, I worked this weekend. The long, long weekend that makes me happy to have Monday.

This weekend, they, once again, left me no work, so I read. I had picked up Twilight at Target the other day on a whim. Holy moly, I started reading it on Saturday at 2:30 and finished it last night at 10. I could NOT put it down. Who knew a book about teenage vampires would be so engaging?!

Mr. GymMama asked why I liked it and, honestly, it's just a good read. It's a huge book, but it moves fast and the characters are...well, engaging. I'm not sure how else to put it. I'm interested to know if the second book is just as good as the first.

On a different, work related, note, a resident made my night on Saturday. He saw me and his face lit up, "There she is! It's my sweet little Sassafrass! Don't you just look lovely as always!" Kind words, but when they come from someone with severe dementia, well, they mean a little bit more. And I like the nickname Sassafrass. It makes me smile.


Daisy Lee Designs said...

Hi! couldn't figure out how to contact you LOL I am a computer dummy.

You won my giveaway. Email me your address and I will get it sent to you.

Gym Mama said...

Wahoo! Thanks! =)