Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Update - That's Almost on Saturday

Well, I am happy to report that the ice cream experiment went smashingly well. Green Mint Chocolate Chip was, by far, the favorite and for good reason....because it rocks! The white mint was sorely lacking in flavor and consistency, I'm afraid. Poor white mint. Your defeat was almost inevitable.

Before the ice cream experiment we went to visit Chester at the nursing home. He was up in his room, which seems to be where he spends more and more of his time. Getting old is a lonely experience. The children were thrilled to see him, as was he to see them. They were also excited when he gave them cans of Pepsi and a chocolate bar the size of Montana to split. Don't worry, I have the chocolate carefully hidden away in a very safe spot...and will be testing it tomorrow - by myself. For my out of the country friends, Montana is a VERY big state. We chatted for awhile and before we left he stopped me and asked if he had any family living besides his niece. I gently reminded him of his son and daughter who were still living...but I don't blame him for forgetting. It's hard to remember people who never come to see you - ever. Then he said, "You're like a daughter to me. More than my own daughter is. You're my family." And tears rolled down his cheeks. And my heart broke into a million tiny pieces as I kissed his cheek and squeezed his hand and reassured him that, to us, he is also family. What do you do with that emotion? I'm still trying to wrap my head, and heart, around it.

I also found out that a dear friend from childhood is getting married. He's always been one of those guys....the one who comforted me in kindergarten when my dog ran away, the one who made sure I wasn't chosen last for anything, and the one whose locker was next to mine forever thanks to a stroke of pure alphabetization. (No, I don't know if it's an actual word, but you get the drift.) I ran into him, literally, once when I was home from college and he still had that comfortable feel that someone people just have. I'm not sure about all of the years between the time we lost touch and the time we reconnected, but it was not a particularly pleasant one for him. But, he's getting married and is happy and for that I am very thankful. He deserves it.

I think I heard the song Smile about 18 times today. No joke.

My GNO got cancelled because of an emergency at Dan's work. Thoroughly disappointing for a variety of reasons....not the least of which was the thought of actually talking with someone face to face who is over the age of 8. Call me crazy, I know. Ah, well, October looks promising for another try. Maybe. I ended up eating dinner with the kids and watching a video, which definitely improved my mood.

And now, I am finally ready to put this week to rest. May your Saturday be filled with happiness and fun and boatloads of GREEN mint chocolate chip ice cream. xoxoxo to you all.

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Sue said...

Oh Brandi, the 'Chester' section of today's blog reduced me to tears. He is obviously a dear, sweet man and he has two children who CHOOSE not to be a part of his life !?!
I would do anything to have my wonderful mum back even though her dementia reverted her to babyhood. Just to sit with her and hold her hand and tell her 'I love you mum' once more.

But at least Chester has you and I DO really think you can be an 'adopted' child and have your life enriched by the mutual love that passes between you. You're lucky to have him in your life but he is soooo lucky to have you in his!!