Thursday, September 16, 2010


I'm always struck by the way people pray. While most of us are taught to pray from an early age, it becomes a much more personal experience as we get older. Some people never lose that formality in their prayer and others start by saying, "Good morning, Father." I tend to be the latter of those.

I think a lot of it depends on how you were raised. In our co-op every week a family has to get up, introduce themselves and lead the morning prayer. Today's family was clearly nervous and the mother almost apologetically explained that they are one of the only Catholic families in our group. She prayed and had us a do a response to her prayer, which is very different from how we pray in our church. But it was okay. It was interesting to experience something different in prayer.

I pray for all of you too. Daily or hourly and especially when your names come to mind. I have found that it makes me feel connected and I love the connection. I also pray for your families (and mine!), and when you come to me with special prayer requests, I send them out. There is no sense hoarding prayers...they are endless.

So, I give them freely and always with heartfelt love.

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