Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Have you ever been excited about something? Something so wonderfully huge that you feel like you'll just jump out of your skin with excitement before you can even get to experience it? Well, I'm anticipating something like that. I can't tell you what it is, except that NO, I AM NOT PREGNANT. Oy. Just the thought of that sends shivers of fear up my spine. Okay, back to happy thoughts.

I'm anticipating something and some of you know what it is, but most of you don't. After it happens, I'll happily share, but until then, mum's the word. Sorry about that.

But tonight, I'm sitting here, work done and thinking about this thing that's going to happen. And I'm so excited at just the thought of it I can't help but smile. My cheeks hurt from smiling actually. I'm thinking about what I'll wear, what I'll bring along and how many pictures I'll be excited to take. Anticipation. Tonight I have it written all over me.


Marion said...

Me too! :-)

Dru'el the Chaotic said...

the Both of Youz! All Smilin' an' stuff.

warms m' heart, it does.

Gym Mama said...

Well, Jer, you are WELCOME to join in on the surprise if you want. We'd happily have you smiling with us. =D