Monday, October 11, 2010

Things I am and things I am not.

Things I am and things I am not. Pretty self-explanatory blog post title. Let's begin.

Things I am...
  • cheerful (usually)
  • optimistic (usually)
  • a lover of chocolate
  • nervous about certain things (don't ask)
  • tired (usually - right now? definitely)
  • a loner
  • a french fry burner (always - it's mad talent, I tell you)
  • a hard worker
  • a fan of Glee and Cops
  • issue ridden (but who isn't, really? I know you love me for them...think how dull the blog would be otherwise (ha!)!)
  • funny....especially to myself

Things I am not...
  • feeling well (dang cold)
  • a fan of some online shopping sites
  • fond of auto-fill
  • a fan of apps that crash, freeze and skip messages
  • a lover of citrus fruit....although I love the smell of it, the taste....ew
  • a fan of driving in the city....any city; I don't discriminate, I dislike them all....well, actually Phoenix wasn't too bad if I didn't have to take I-17
  • .....awake

Sorry, but this blog post will need to be pillow is calling my name.

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