Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Things That Really Tick Me Off.

This was going to be a post about things that make me smile, but after yet another app failure right when I was in the middle of something very important, I'm not feeling all smiley inside. I'm downright ticked. So, let's start the list off right....

1. APPS THAT CRASH. Yeah, that should say it all, but it doesn't. Apps that crash and cause frustration are the number one thing that ticks me off. Shallow, I know, but SERIOUSLY?!?! I've just about had it with certain apps that cause me to have to reset my entire phone and don't send the information I was trying to send. Yahoo is the worst offender. That's right Yahoo!, Google this and see that I TRULY DESPISE YOUR APP. Better yet, just FIX it! I'm tired of things not getting through and people getting frustrated at me because YOUR FREAKIN' APP CRASHES ALL THE TIME! OY!!!!! And to those who were waiting for information back from me, all I can say is that I sent it and then got the message "Failed to Send" - for every freakin' message I sent. UGHH!!!!!

2. Kids that run around in the parking lot. This happens at a thing we go to and it drives me up a wall. Parents, stop chatting and watch your toddler before the giant SUV backs over her!

3. People that get things deceitfully and then boast about them. If you haven't worked for it, if you haven't earned it through your own efforts, and then are going to get all pompous and boastful about your "achievement" - forget it. That's called fraud.

4. APPS THAT CRASH!! I know I mentioned this already (see #1 above if you've forgotten), but it bears repeating. I was right in the middle of something tonight and the STUPID APP CRASHED. AGAIN!!!!!!! I DESPISE YOUR APP YAHOO!! (Apparently, venting my anger on the blog is not really helping things, seeing that I'm still furious and now typing in caps.)

5. Bad table manners. Elbows off the table, mouth closed while you're chewing, don't talk while you're chewing and stop blowing your nose at the table. It's gross.

6. APPS THAT CRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. Um.....yeah, that's about it.

Did I mention APPS THAT CRASH?! oy.

Goodnight. Sweet dreams. Thanks for letting me vent. oy.


Marion said...

So, I guess you're just a bit upset with APPS that crash eh?!

Gym Mama said...

If you only knew....if you only knew. ;-)