Friday, October 1, 2010


I know I should be fast asleep by now....after all it's almost 2am on Friday morning, but I got started on something and before I knew it....2am. Being focused is a good thing. I enjoy the concentration and excitement that accompanies an enjoyable task. Those unpleasant tasks? Oy. Those are the ones I would rather not focus on, and find that I have an unusually difficult time concentrating on. That's when outside motivation helps.

Most of the time that motivation comes in the form of my iPhone timer. I set it for a certain amount of time and race to beat the clock. When I'm in my groove I can easily do it. When I'd rather be doing anything but what I'm doing, the clock does little to help.

Sometimes motivation comes in the form of chocolate. I know. That's probably NOT the best motivation, but really, it's chocolate. Full of healthy anti-oxidants and stimulating caffeine. Right, because I need more of that. Anyway, the chocolate works much the same way as the timer. Finish an article, eat a bar, er, piece of chocolate. You get the idea.

Other times, motivation comes from other people. That's the best. It may seem wrong; you may be thinking I should be intrinsically motivated, and while I am, usually, sometimes I just need that encouragement to keep going. It's like having a coach to help me keep my head in the game. That's awesome. Really. And for those of you who coach me through and motivate me when I'd rather be cleaning the lint from the dryer trap than sitting and writing one more article, I thank you. Because you're awesome.

So, with the bulk of my work behind me for the week, and a small pile staring at me for the weekend, I can rest comfortably. Even if I did end up staying awake until 2am.

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