Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Challenge.

Hubs and I were talking the other night and the topic of weight came up. Well, more accurately, our mutual desire to lose it. He has lost quite a bit in the last few months and has done great. I've hovered within the same ten pounds since mid-December and, really, it's time to get out of them and down to a lighter number.

So, we have a challenge going. The goal is to each lose 20 pounds and while we have the same time frame to lose it, I am slightly concerned that I tend to plateau very quickly. Of course, I also tend to eat chocolate, so that might explain it. HOWEVER, this is a challenge I simply MUST NOT lose!

Know why?

Because if I lose (not happening!), I have to do laundry - wash and fold - for EVERYONE, ALONE for SIX MONTHS! You all know how much I love laundry. Laundry, to me, is like a splinter embedded in my EYE. And there is no WAY I want a splinter embedded in my eye for SIX MONTHS!

So, I have from now until New Years' to lose 20 lbs. That's 12 weeks away....about 2 pounds a week.

Someone please hide the sweets. Quickly!

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