Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Intervention, Support, Mid-Terms, and Driving.

In order to get our oldest the reading help that he needs, we decided to enroll the boys in a virtual charter school this year. It's a public school, funded by the state, and the lessons are online. I am considered the "Home Facilitator" or "Home Dictator" as the boys might say.

It's an interesting switch from being completely responsible for planning and implementing lessons, as now I implement only. And implement I do. The first month was challenging. Getting into the routine of it and finally figuring out what exactly had to be completed and by when was the most challenging.

The oldest now receives the exact same reading specialist support as he did when we were paying for it (the school uses the same curriculum) and his tutor meets with him in-person once a week. For a virtual school, this is, well, virtually unheard of. He has one lesson with her at the office and one lesson online via a chat room where he's got a headset and camera. It's quite a sight I must say.

He also receives Resource support, which, is basically, a resource room teacher who spends at least an hour a week helping him with anything he needs help with. She's been focusing on spelling and writing, because those are two weak areas for him. And if that's not amazing enough in terms of support, he has also qualified for math support. So, starting in a week, he'll be receiving an hour of private math instruction in addition to all of the other support. Crazy amazing!

The best part of all of it was when we checked both boys' mid-term grades today. All A's for both of them. And they've earned it. They've been working hard and have figured out that the more they argue and fuss, the longer it takes to finish school. The longer it takes to finish, the less time they have to go play with their friends. The power of the play incentive.

And what's Little Miss doing during all of this? She's got her own little routine of practicing her letters, writing words that interest her (the new favorite is "star") and copying my phone number down repeatedly. She also plays "library" and has a scanner that she uses to "check the books out" for her imaginary friend and constant companion, Braida. She's my mini-me except that she kicks my butt at Mario Kart every time. Crazy.

And that is a day in the life.

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