Saturday, November 5, 2011

RIP Sweet Snickers

Snickers, our other kitty, passed away this week. It was exactly 40 days since his brother died that he died, and while very saddened, I am happy that they're back together. They were never apart and Snickers missed Skittles dearly. As with Skittles, we sensed that he was fading and on his last night I sat on my porch rocker with him on my lap, wrapped snugly in a soft blanket, and just rocked softly until 2 in the morning. He died the next afternoon. Sigh.

The loss of 3 longtime pets in 3 months is, for lack of a better word, heartbreaking.

Little Miss has it now in her head that if someone or something stops eating that means they are dying. So, when hubs and I were talking about Hope not being hungry, she quickly became fearful and asked if Hope was dying too. Bleh.

So much change. So much loss this year. I have to say that I cannot wait for 2012. I have truly had enough of 2011.

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